Scared About all the Reports about this "Vaping-Related" Lung Illness?

Scared About all the Reports about this "Vaping-Related" Lung Illness?
When the air clears we will likely know only one culprit behind these illnesses...Black Market THC. Not vaping, not e-liquids purchased at a reputable shop, but rather a result of inhaling illegally made and obtained cartridges containing illicit substances.

Still the media and politicians are staying really quiet about exactly what they do know.

In the last weeks we, as a shop, have noticed a marked decline in our customers coming in. Many who did come in are asking about these illnesses with obvious concern. So why is it that the FDA and the CDC barely acknowledge this illness' link to illegal THC???

These organizations have a responsibility to America's citizens to accurately and precisely report what they know and warn the public of the danger. Because they've stayed so silent about Black market thc present in a majority of the cases, people simply dont know the truth. Many will never know the truth and are now scared to try vaping instead of cigarettes.

There's not a lot out there right now from the panicked media that is more than just click-bait from outlets and reporters trying to sensationalize this sad story. But here is one with a little more in the way of facts!

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