The Nicotine has NOT YET arrived! :-(

The Nicotine has NOT YET arrived! :-(

The Nicotine has NOT YET arrived! now expected Nov 29th

AFFECTING HOUSE 120mL USERS ONLY (but we have a deal for all)

While we ordered the nicotine over two months ago and expected it on the 9th of November, it has been delayed.

This is out of our control, as we have done as much as possible to prepare in a timely manner to have this product on hand when needed.

We ask that you show patience and understanding to our team while we are also waiting.

How we are Helping:

We are offering $5 to EVERY in-store Customer toward any Premium e-Juice in stock now through Sunday, November 21, 2021

So What Happened?

The perfect storm of situation and misfortune in shipping.

When the FDA turned down thousands of companies' submissions for market approval, those companies had a pretty new, yet obvious solution...turn to a nicotine product the FDA had no authority over...TFN (a solution we'd been implementing for months).

TFN, or tobacco free nicotine, is a relatively new synthetic nicotine not created with derivatives of tobacco. This mass rush on nicotine made the processing time almost two full months.

Then, on the fifth of this month it finally shipped, and we were to expect delivery on the ninth. Unfortunately, the company responsible for shipping the product has apparently lost it.

We have filed all necessary claims with both the shipping company and reached out to the manufacturer to replace the product in a more expeditious manner.


A note from Patrick:

Please also understand this is: We offer this to our customers at no extra cost, despite whatever nicotine level you use. 

For the very few who have complained in an unbecoming manner: 

It is tough to hear you voice your anger at our team when it is a FREE SERVICE. Keep in mind we ONLY SELL house juice in zero nicotine.  It is only after the purchase that we GIVE you the nicotine for FREE.

Please be mindful of how you treat/speak to our team always, but especially during this situation.  It is a rough time for most employers, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have the team we have.  We'd like them to feel appreciated by us, as well as you, our customers.

Again, we ordered the product for the house juice over two months ago, we are also frustrated it is not here yet.  It greatly affects us, too.  

Thanks so very much!

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