Pre-Owned Sneakers

Pre-Owned Sneakers

nukedFridge offers Pre-Owned Sneakers:

Our team's side hustle (inside Quick Clouds Vape Shop) is nukedFridge: Sneakers and Streetwear!

Here you've found a category page dedicated to pre-owned sneakers!

Brands of Pre-Owned Sneakers Offered at nukedFridge:

We love offering pre-owned sneakers when they are in excellent shape.  Some brands we offer often are:

  • Jordan
  • Nike SB Dunk
  • Nike Air Max
  • Yeezy
  • Bapesta


Where do you get Pre-Owned Sneakers to resale:

Mostly our customers.  Our customers bring us sneakers for trade or to sell outright just about daily.  We inspect them, and also utilyze apps to verify authenticity such as CheckCheck.

We also purchase from marketplaces such as StockX, eBay and Mercari from time to time.



Pre-Owned Sneakers
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