Meet the Team!

At High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, We know it's our Team that keeps you coming back!


Hey HVV family and friends!  This is the most important page we have here on our site.  It is just a quick chance to acknowledge the BIGGEST reason High-Voltage Vapes is successful...our TEAM. 

These four individuals are the life and soul of our businesses.  Some people think it sounds chill to work at a vape shop...baaahahahahaha!   Maybe at some places.  But HVVapes team members are committed to helping us become and stay the BEST vape shop in the state. And that doesn't come easily.  Every day we do so much behind the scenes to ensure you have not a good ...but an AMAZING experience.  

Our team thinks about how your experience is on our website, in our shop and even after you've left.  YOU are literally the reason we all choose to do this.  And because you're worth it, our team works super hard.

I could go on and on...but without further adieu: 

Gaven W (Manager, Teammate, Friend)

Gaven is our Main MANager!

Gaven 💥 23 💥


Gaven: "Some of my interests include sneakers, clothino, skating, & cats. I was raised in Florida, moved to Colorado in 2018. Owner of The Dunk Tank Shoe Cleaning Co. When I’m not working I’m cleaning shoes or hanging with my cat. My favorite premium juice is Pacha Mama Fuji Apple. My go to Mod right now is the Vinci X. Right now I am loving the ATF Cartridges or Blueberry OG Wax when using Revive products. I wanted to start working for HVV because I was new to the area and looking for a vape shop comparable or better to the shop I had previously worked out. When I first came into the shop I knew it would be a perfect fit. The employees and owners are beyond a family to me! When Patrick came to me about working at a new shop he was opening I was all for it, my previous shop had carried the same products, but I didn’t know enough about it and I wanted to know more, with Patrick and Alisha’s help my knowledge of Revive's products has soared & I feel confident helping anyone with their vape or Revive (Littleton) needs."

Gaven is underselling himself with that quote, and you loyal customers know it!  Gaven has given the shop much of its personality over the past year.  But at the beginning of Covid, Gaven really stepped into the pure mindset of an  He was always doing things I didn't even think about needing.  He joined us when the chips were down...and we are so grateful that he did. 

Now Gaven is more on a career path here at HVV...we are utilizing his passion and knowledge of streetwear and combining it with our own to present nukedFridge.  A project Gaven will own a percentage of due to his incredible work alongside us for the past three years.

Gaven knows our systems and processes better than anyone other than (and often more than) myself.  He has probably entered more products, transfers and variants into our system than anyone.  Gaven is gifted at social media posting and pictures and blog posts for us.  

Gaven makes every drop of House Juice that is made (unless he's on vacation).  That's a lot of work.  

Really from cleaning a bathroom to running a group meeting, this guy has become a superstar willing and able to do it all.


Stop in & say Hi to Gaven & the rest of the High-Voltage/Revive family! 👋




Ana B


Ana has been part of the team for quite a while already and she is just family.  But as much as she fits in, she shines.  This manager has earned her position quickly by providing amazing service, knowing every detail about our shop and always being willing to help.  

She is currently overseeing the overhauling of our website!  

Ana is also passionate about animals and uses our Revive products with her own dogs.  She is an amazing representative of our brands, constantly conveying the empathy we want our company exude.  

We aren't motivated by sales only, here at HVV...but Ana does have the highest sales average of any of our team at high-Voltage (myself included)...Watch out vapers...she's gonna upsell you!

Seriously though, Ana is the best.  She's an amazing natural leader and a perfect and integral part of our team.

Ana is the restock master.  The second an item goes out of stock without an order already on the way, she adds it to our list.  She KNOWS our inventory because she makes sure it is always accurate on our website.

She does it all and always keeps an upbeat attitude.  

Ana is the reason the shop carries many of the products we do...her first and best suggestion so far... Just Reds by Just e-Liquids.





If you love energy and excitement (which we do)'re going to really remember and love Greg!  He is one of the most fun to interact with, always remembering so many of our customers, making them feel as special as they are.  

Greg is super passionate about all our projects in the HVV family, and is currently our number one customer at nukedFridge!  Greg uses mostly disposables lately and his favorite flavor is anything GRAPE! 

He is so committed to our customers' happiness and our family's well-being...I think of Greg as a mini-Patrick (compliment)!  Greg has always impressed us with his ability to look at a problem and construct solutions instead of complaints! 

Greg is currently working on the website descriptions in addition to inventory, social media post and always customer service!

He also helps every day with inventory for the website and is a genius when it comes to each device we have! 

Greg started out with a great deal of experience and expertise...even so, he is probably our team member who has had the most growth here.  Greg gets what we want to do here at HVV...empathy, energy and knowledge.



Jordan B

He may be the newest member of the HVVapes family, but man did this guy fit like a puzzle piece!?!   Jordan started working with us just a few months ago, putting his vast vape experience to work at HVV.  Jordan impressed us immediately with his willingness to jump into any situation with an amazing attitude and even better results.  His vibe is so contagious...I almost hope you DO have a manufacturer's issue...just so you can come meet this guy.

Jordan is also somewhat of an expert on our Revive products and their absorption...He has put in a ton of effort into learning these quickly so he could help with our shop in Littleton!

Jordan has also been super helpful in side projects, the website and of course, customer service!

Jordan has done many of the social media and blog posts already at HVV and Revive, as well!  

As far as inventory goes...I've bragged on these others, and Jordan is no exception.  He takes care of HVV inventory counts some days and Revive's on all others.

Interestingly, Jordan doesn't really wear Jordans...he prefers adidas.  He also is the sole reason we have Grassroots at the shop.  And loyalty brand juice!