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For years, we've had other projects that we would love your support on.  You've been a loyal customer of High-Voltage Vapes...we've taken that same customer service approach with each of our other endeavors.


Would you mind stopping by the sites of the projects below?  I am putting links for each site, as well as its social media sites.  Like, Rate & Review (if applicaple) to help us grow.  


We know the magic is a mixture of our team and YOU.  Thanks for your support in all we do!


-Patrick Vandiver

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Revive Littleton

5055 S Kipling Pkwy, C5

Littleton, CO 80127

Revive is a shop in Littleton and online where we offer the best alternative products...our processors for the vape shop is weird about selling it here, so we can't actually even spell out what it is that we offer there, haha....but we also sell this at our Aurora shop.

We teamed up with our former partners again on this endeavor starting in 2018.  It took a solid year of research and development before we opened our doors in 2019 in Littleton, CO.  Check us out in person or online!

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the Turquoise Tortoise Boutique


The Turquoise Tortoise Boutique

Online with a small selection at our Aurora shop, this is Alisha's passion project that I (Patrick) and the rest of the team have been helping with.  She has just been approved as an authorized retailer of Crazy Train & Judy Blue Denim and also has a huge selection of other items.  

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nukedFridge logo



We are showing a LOT of our stuff here at High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, Colorado!  We are also online.  Mostly my (Patrick) passion project.  I've had a lot of help from Gaven on it so far and of course Alisha, too!  But everyone on the team has been excited to be part of it.  This is a shop for deadstock/vnds sneakers, streetwear, toys and collectables.  We may bring a few things into the Aurora shop soon...nukeFridge buys/re-sells brands such as Supreme, Bape, Palace, Chinatown Market, Kith, Nike SB, Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, Bape Sta, and many more...

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