Quick Clouds (High-Voltage) Vapes...Would a Rose by Any Other Name...Blah, bleh, F#@!

I'm Patrick; my wife and I own High-Voltage Vapes in Aurora, CO. I've been spending the past few weeks trying to figure out why our shop has been losing sales, despite the most impressive commitment from a team I've ever been part of and around.

After a bit of research, I discovered customers were confused, as a competing shop in the area showed up on Waze and Google Maps and Lyft if you searched our business name.

Despite a couple weeks of effort, this problem persists, and I simply can't go on with this confusion.

Here's why:

I believe in me. I believe in my team. Financially...we're invested, but not seeing the returns.

I believe in me. My superpower is seeing the talent in people and actively trying to create an environment where people feel comfortable giving their best talents. I work in the business almost daily and the customers know me and I know them. I care about them. I realize I make mistakes and try to own up to them quickly. If you haven't noticed, I believe in being special, different, unique...and transparent even to the public about emotions and the value of the customer.

I believe in my team. In 8 years, we always had great teams. But this one is different. I don't know how to say it except to say this...each one is a superstar. Each one tries so hard, consistently to do both good and well. Y'all, we have magic. Not saying we are perfect...you hear? Even they mess up. But we address it, Own it, grow from it. It's the real deal and I am scared of losing that because of a name.

Just because of a name....

So what do we do now?

We inspire!

We grow!

We get BETTER!

One day I'll look back at this "project" and remember that some of this amazingness was rooted in pain.

Until then, here are the updates, I'll try to remember to come back to update, but please check our sites to see how we are making this happen so far!

August 31, 2021- Uploaded this weird message and a bunch of product pictures and a few of the shop!

August 31, 2021- Forgot to add that the team encouraged us to begin delivery and assured us of there continued investment of effort.  F'ing love these people.


September 3, 2021- FIRST DELIVERY!  We had our first Aurora delivery and it went amazingly well!!!!  Just bought one Escobar...first step in proving concept!


September 5, 2021- Everyone is working so hard!  

The team is in high-gear with work and ideas and just being amazing.   We are looking into local businesses to operate "delivery/pick up hubs" out of to decrease delivery cost/time.

We are working on marketing this mostly on our own, tapping into every possible avenue and looking for more.

And to increase the range of delivery and the potential number of people served, we are also looking into pages that offer specifically inventory based on your zip code!

This is the biggest thing I have ever been part of.  I am committed to making this work.